Ms. Horan has extensively self-trained in Painting and has her B.A. in it as well as in Philosophy. Now she is able to both create art and prove it exists. Or, create art and prove she exists. 

  Eugenia Mancini Horan

Pop Surreal painter that paints with fingers and hands instead of paintbrushes. Part-time sculptor, rock manipulator, lazy photographer and creator of odd things.  An artist in general. Art maker, specifically.

Eugenia is a NY artist, back in the upstate NY area after experimenting with life on the west coast for 7 years. She has had shows from NYC to L.A, and accumulated many collectors in the states and overseas.

Our Featured Artist For July 2017

Through use of color, subject and simplicity Ms. Horan aims try to tap back into the psyche we had as children. The world was bold and vibrant. We were playful, devious and mischievous without fear. And the world was ours, just ours, for the asking. Time teaches us to color in the lines, aging expects us to act like adults. She rejects that stigma in her life and in her work.